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New SGT-263
Synthetic Canabinoid

SGT-263 is a NEW cannabinoid, which acts
upon the cannabinoid receptors, and is a key
component of many synthetic cannabis powders.

Discount for order 25g – SGT-263


$240.00 = 25g

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The best legal Synthetic Cannabinoids



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Research Chemicals Online Shop

We would like to introduce you to our online store – We are the most popular research chemicals shop in the world. We are the best vendor with research chemicals to stock up you on advanced materials for your experiments. You need someone you can trust when it comes to delivering 100% legitimate, absolutely pure chemicals and with us you can be absolutely certain in this regard. Our dedication to quality and scientific integrity has made us one of the most respected and trusted research chemical vendors and suppliers in the online market of World.

In addition to having the largest choice of allowed research chemicals, our customers can also take advantage of our anonymous cryptocurency payment options and reliable delivery. That way, we can help countless researchers from all continents find those rare and little-investigated research materials that frequently can have a major impact on physical, chemical, biological or pharmacological studies. To fulfil that mission, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our offering by including new research chemicals on our product list as often as we are able to.

We have been in supplying research chemicals for over 5 years and have gained a great reputation amongst researchers both online.

We are a specialized supplier of innovative research chemical agents that can be used for laboratory testing, as well as professional lab equipment. With a great track record for superb customer service, high purity research chemicals and the broadest selection of newly synthesized products, we are the preferred partner for a large number of researchers active in the field of biochemistry and pharmacology within Europe.

When researchers buy research chemicals from our website its safe and convenient, all customers details are kept private and confidential and our payment transactions are safe and secure. Regular customers can take advantage of our loyalty program and save money on repeat orders with us.

As we are so customer focused, we have recently introduced a 100% reship policy for all tracked orders, we are the only company to offer this service, If your tracked order doesn’t arrive for any reason then we will simply reship it at no extra cost to you after 15 days.

Before shipping all out products are meticulously tested to ensure all chemical samples contain as few impurities as possible, and researchers always know what they are getting. With our assistance, organizing advanced-level experiments has never been easier!

Easy and Reliable Payment options

We also take pride in offering the easiest and most flexible payment options to suit the requirements of our clients. Thus we accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum payments.

We guarantee you the highest quality research chemicals on the market – after you have seen our product we are sure you will agree. We greatly value our customers and regulaly reward our loyal customers with special promotions, discounts on research chemicale and free products!

Our product is pure white crystalline powder with very little smell. It has gone through the highest purification process to remove as many inpurities and chemicals used to make it as possible. Our research chemicale is 99.8% purity and produced in labs under highest international standards. Our research chemicale has been processed by repeated recrystalisation to produce a pure white crystalline powder, free from any solvent residue and without the unpleasant odour of many inferior products.


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We value our customers and their privacy. Therefore, all our orders are packed properly for safe method for navigation, as well as in discrete containers. We do not host any information about the container that could jeopardize the contents of the packets contain.

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After sending the order we will change the status of your order, as well as inform the track number.

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We offer delivery guarantee (one reship if order is lost or delayed by customs e.t.c. )

We do not reship if customer indicated wrong, incorrect address. Address can be changed only if order is not dispatched (is still in our facility).

List of all research chemicals

List of research chemicals. Most products are no longer available

The following table displays notable derivatives that have been reported:

Compound R1 R2 R3 R4
Cathinone H Me H H
Methcathinone H Me H Me
Ethcathinone H Me H Et
Propylcathinone H Me H nPr
Buphedrone H Et H Me
N-methyl-N-ethylbuphedrone H Et Me Et
Pentedrone H nPr H Me
N-Ethylpentedrone H nPr H Et
N-Isopropylpentedrone H nPr H iPr
Hexedrone H nBu H Me
Ethyl-Hexedrone H nBu H Et
Octedrone H hexyl H Me
Dimethylcathinone H Me Me Me
Diethylpropion H Me Et Et
N-methyl-N-ethylcathinone H Me Me Et
Bupropion (3-CBP) 3-Cl Me H t-Bu
Hydroxybupropion 3-Cl Me H 2-methyl-3-OH-propan-2-yl
Mephedrone 4-Me Me H Me
2-MMC 2-Me Me H Me
2-MEC 2-Me Me H Et
2-EEC 2-Et Me H Et
3-MMC 3-Me Me H Me
3-MEC 3-Me Me H Et
3-EMC 3-Et Me H Me
3-EEC 3-Et Me H Et
4-EMC 4-Et Me H Me
4-EEC 4-Et Me H Et
4-MC 4-Me Me H H
Benzedrone 4-Me Me H Bn
2′-MeO-Benzedrone 4-Me Me H 2-MeO-Bn
4-MEC 4-Me Me H Et
4-MPC 4-Me Me H nPr
N,N-DMMC 4-Me Me Me Me
N,N-MEMC 4-Me Me Me Et
N,N-DEMC 4-Me Me Et Et
EDMC 4-Et Me Me Me
2,4-DMMC 2,4-dimethyl Me H Me
2,4-DMEC 2,4-dimethyl Me H Et
3,4-DMMC 3,4-dimethyl Me H Me
3,4-DMEC 3,4-dimethyl Me H Et
2,4,5-TMMC 2,4,5-trimethyl Me H Me
2,4,5-TMOMC 2,4,5-trimethoxy Me H Me
3,4,5-TMOMC 3,4,5-trimethoxy Me H Me
Methedrone 4-MeO Me H Me
Dimethedrone 4-MeO Me Me Me
Ethedrone 4-MeO Me H Et
2-MOMC 2-MeO Me H Me
3-MOMC 3-MeO Me H Me
3-FC 3-F Me H H
4-FC 4-F Me H H
2-FMC 2-F Me H Me
2-FEC 2-F Me H Et
3-FMC 3-F Me H Me
3-FEC 3-F Me H Et
2-CMC 2-Cl Me H Me
2-BMC 2-Br Me H Me
2-IMC 2-I Me H Me
2-TFMAP 2-CF3 Me H Me
Clophedrone 3-Cl Me H Me
3-CEC 3-Cl Me H Et
3-BMC 3-Br Me H Me
3-IMC 3-I Me H Me
3-TFMAP 3-CF3 Me H Me
Flephedrone 4-F Me H Me
4-FEC 4-F Me H Et
Clephedrone 4-Cl Me H Me
4-CEC 4-Cl Me H Et
4-CiPC 4-Cl Me H iPr
4-CBC 4-Cl Me H nBu
4-CDMC 4-Cl Me Me Me
Brephedrone 4-Br Me H Me
4-BEC 4-Br Me H Et
4-IMC 4-I Me H Me
4-TFMAP 4-CF3 Me H Me
4-EFMC 4-(2-fluoroethyl) Me H Me
4-MTMC 4-SCH3 Me H Me
4-MSMC 4-SO2CH3 Me H Me
4-PHMC 4-phenyl Me H Me
Mexedrone 4-Me methoxymethyl H Me
FMMC 3-F-4-Me Me H Me
MFMC 3-Me-4-F Me H Me
MMOMC 3-Me-4-MeO Me H Me
3,4-DCMC 3,4-dichloro Me H Me
3,5-DCMC 3,5-dichloro Me H Me
3,5-DFMC 3,5-difluoro Me H Me
2,5-DMOMC 2,5-dimethoxy Me H Me
βk-2C-C 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloro H H H
βk-2C-B 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromo H H H
βk-2C-I 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodo H H H
βk-2C-D 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methyl H H H
βk-2C-E 2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethyl H H H
βk-2C-P 2,5-dimethoxy-4-propyl H H H
ru-486 ru-486 ru H H
βk-DOB 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromo Me H H
βk-MDOM 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methyl Me H Me
βk-MDA 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H H
N-acetyl-βk-MDA 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H acetyl
2,3-MDMC 2,3-methylenedioxy Me H Me
Methylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H Me
Dimethylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me Me Me
N-acetyl-methylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me acetyl Me
N-hydroxy-methylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me hydroxy Me
Ethylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H Et
Diethylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me Et Et
N-acetyl-ethylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Me acetyl Et
N-isopropyl-βk-MDA 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H iPr
MDPT 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H t-Bu
BMDP 3,4-methylenedioxy Me H Bn
3,4-EDMC 3,4-ethylenedioxy Me H Me
βk-IMP 3,4-trimethylene Me H Me
βk-IBP 3,4-trimethylene Et H Et
βk-IVP 3,4-trimethylene nPr H Et
3-Fluorobuphedrone 3-F Et H Me
4-Fluorobuphedrone 4-F Et H Me
4-Bromobuphedrone 4-Br Et H Me
4-MeMABP 4-Me Et H Me
4-Me-NEB 4-Me Et H Et
4-F-NEB 4-F Et H Et
4-Me-DMB 4-Me Et Me Me
3,4-DMEB 3,4-dimethyl Et H Et
4-Methoxybuphedrone 4-MeO Et H Me
Butylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Et H Me
Eutylone 3,4-methylenedioxy Et H Et
βk-PBDB 3,4-methylenedioxy Et H nPr
Bn-4-MeMABP 4-Me Et H Bn
BMDB 3,4-methylenedioxy Et H Bn
βk-DMBDB 3,4-methylenedioxy Et Me Me
βk-MMDMA 3,4-methylenedioxy-5-MeO Me H Me
βk-MMDMA-2 2-MeO-3,4-methylenedioxy Me H Me
βk-DMMDA 2,5-diMeO-3,4-methylenedioxy Me H H
5-Methylmethylone 3,4-methylenedioxy-5-Me Me H Me
5-Methylethylone 3,4-methylenedioxy-5-Me Me H Et
2-Methylbutylone 2-Me-3,4-methylenedioxy Et H Me
5-Methylbutylone 3,4-methylenedioxy-5-Me Et H Me
Pentylone 3,4-methylenedioxy nPr H Me
N-Ethylpentylone 3,4-methylenedioxy nPr H Et
N-propylpentylone 3,4-methylenedioxy nPr H nPr
Dipentylone 3,4-methylenedioxy nPr Me Me
Hexylone 3,4-methylenedioxy nBu H Me
MMP 4-Me nPr H Me
MEP 4-Me nPr H Et
3,4-DMEP 3,4-dimethyl nPr H Et
4-F-Pentedrone 4-F nPr H Me
4-Cl-Pentedrone 4-Cl nPr H Me
4-Methylpentedrone 4-Me nPr H Me
DL-4662 3,4-dimethoxy nPr H Et
4-F-iPr-norpentedrone 4-F nPr H iPr
3-CBV 3-Cl nPr H tBu
4-methylhexedrone 4-Me nBu H Me
MEH 4-Me nBu H Et
4-F-hexedrone 4-F nBu H Me
4-F-octedrone 4-F hexyl H Me
α-phenylmephedrone 4-Me phenyl H Me
“NRG-3” β-naphthyl instead of phenyl Me H Me
βk-Methiopropamine thiophen-2-yl instead of phenyl Me H Me
βk-5-MAPB benzofuran-5-yl instead of phenyl Me H Me
βk-6-MAPB benzofuran-6-yl instead of phenyl Me H Me
βk-5-IT indol-5-yl instead of phenyl Me H H
α-Phthalimidopropiophenone H Me phthalimido
PPPO H Me piperidinyl
PPBO H Et piperidinyl
FPPVO 4-F nPr piperidinyl
MDPV-azepane 3,4-methylenedioxy nPr azepane
Caccure 907 4-SCH3 α,α-di-Me morpholinyl
α-PPP H Me pyrrolidinyl
α-PBP H Et pyrrolidinyl
α-PVP (O-2387) H nPr pyrrolidinyl
α-PHP H nBu pyrrolidinyl
α-PHiP H iBu pyrrolidinyl
α-PEP (α-PHPP) H nPe pyrrolidinyl
α-POP H hexyl pyrrolidinyl
α-PNP H heptyl pyrrolidinyl
2-MePPP 2-Me Me pyrrolidinyl
3-MePPP 3-Me Me pyrrolidinyl
4-MePPP 4-Me Me pyrrolidinyl
MOPPP 4-MeO Me pyrrolidinyl
3-F-PPP 3-F Me pyrrolidinyl
FPPP 4-F Me pyrrolidinyl
Cl-PPP 4-Cl Me pyrrolidinyl
2,4-DMPPP 2,4-dimethyl Me pyrrolidinyl
MPBP 4-Me Et pyrrolidinyl
FPBP 4-F Et pyrrolidinyl
3-MPBP 3-Me Et pyrrolidinyl
3-F-PBP 3-F Et pyrrolidinyl
EPBP 4-Et Et pyrrolidinyl
MOPBP 4-MeO Et pyrrolidinyl
O-2384 3,4-dichloro Et pyrrolidinyl
Pyrovalerone (O-2371) 4-Me nPr pyrrolidinyl
FPVP 4-F nPr pyrrolidinyl
4-Cl-PVP 4-Cl nPr pyrrolidinyl
4-Br-PVP 4-Br nPr pyrrolidinyl
MOPVP 4-MeO nPr pyrrolidinyl
DMOPVP 3,4-dimethoxy nPr pyrrolidinyl
DMPVP 3,4-dimethyl nPr pyrrolidinyl
O-2390 3,4-dichloro nPr pyrrolidinyl
MPHP 4-Me nBu pyrrolidinyl
FPHP 4-F nBu pyrrolidinyl
4-Cl-PHP 4-Cl nBu pyrrolidinyl
DMOPHP 3,4-dimethoxy nBu pyrrolidinyl
4F-PiHP 4-F iBu pyrrolidinyl
O-2494 4-Me iBu pyrrolidinyl
MPEP 4-Me pentyl pyrrolidinyl
4F-PV8 4-F pentyl pyrrolidinyl
4-MeO-PV8 4-MeO pentyl pyrrolidinyl
4F-PV9 4-F hexyl pyrrolidinyl
4-MeO-PV9 4-MeO hexyl pyrrolidinyl
α-Phenylpyrovalerone 4-Me phenyl pyrrolidinyl
MDPPP 3,4-methylenedioxy Me pyrrolidinyl
MDMPP 3,4-methylenedioxy α,α-di-Me pyrrolidinyl
MDPBP 3,4-methylenedioxy Et pyrrolidinyl
MDPV 3,4-methylenedioxy nPr pyrrolidinyl
2,3-MDPV 2,3-methylenedioxy nPr pyrrolidinyl
5-Me-MDPV 3,4-methylenedioxy-5-Me nPr pyrrolidinyl
6-Me-MDPV 2-Me-4,5-methylenedioxy nPr pyrrolidinyl
6-MeO-MDPV 2-MeO-4,5-methylenedioxy nPr pyrrolidinyl
Br-MeO-MDPV 2,3-methylenedioxy-4-MeO-5-Br nPr pyrrolidinyl
MDPiVP 3,4-methylenedioxy iPr pyrrolidinyl
MDPHP 3,4-methylenedioxy nBu pyrrolidinyl
MDPEP (MD-PV8) 3,4-methylenedioxy pentyl pyrrolidinyl
MDPOP (MD-PV9) 3,4-methylenedioxy hexyl pyrrolidinyl
5-PPDI 3,4-trimethylene Et pyrrolidinyl
5-BPDI 3,4-trimethylene nPr pyrrolidinyl
5-HPDI 3,4-trimethylene nBu pyrrolidinyl
IPPV 3,4-trimethylene phenyl pyrrolidinyl
TH-PVP 3,4-tetramethylene nPr pyrrolidinyl
TH-PHP 3,4-tetramethylene nBu pyrrolidinyl
5-DBFPV 2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-5-yl instead of Ph nPr pyrrolidinyl
3-BF-PVP benzofuran-3-yl instead of Ph nPr pyrrolidinyl
Naphyrone (O-2482) β-naphthyl instead of phenyl nPr pyrrolidinyl
α-Naphyrone α-naphthyl instead of phenyl nPr pyrrolidinyl
α-PPT thiophen-2-yl instead of phenyl Me pyrrolidinyl
α-PBT thiophen-2-yl instead of phenyl Et pyrrolidinyl
α-PVT thiophen-2-yl instead of phenyl nPr pyrrolidinyl

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